Trashed - Derf Backderf I've come to really love Derf as a comic artist and writer. He writes what he knows and he does it so well. I loved My Friend Dahmer as well as Punk Rock and Trailer Parks, but I'm not sure his writing style would suit others as much as I find it enthralling. His characters have such personality, they are realistic, bold, and darkly humorous. Trashed is equal parts memoir, fiction, and informational text. I think it would be good for a high school audience or adults open to dark humor. I found all of the facts and statistics about consumerism, trash, and our environment engrossing and sad. Everyone should read this and feel worse about our consumption and the rate at which we discard stuff. His art is characteristically his and so well done. My one critism is I found that Derf repeated some of the facts and I got annoyed reading something over and over again, however for a younger reader it would drive the point home, it would depend what age audience this is geared towards. For those who've enjoyed Derf's other work this is a must read. For anyone who throws stuff in a garbage can, which is everyone, you will learn some dark truths about trash.

I read this ebook via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.