Alice in Zombieland (White Rabbit Chronicles)

Alice in Zombieland (White Rabbit Chronicles) - Gena Showalter What I expected: Alice in Wonderland, but with zombies in Wonderland.
What I actually got: A teenage, high school drama reminiscent of Twilight where there are zombies instead of vampires.

Alice Bell’s father is a little crazy; he sees monsters and won’t let his family out after dark. After a terrible accident Alice starts to question if her father was actually seeing monsters. Now in a new high school Alice meets a bunch of teens with bad reputations. She has a weird mental connection with their leader, Cole, and she is instantly attracted to him. However, there is also Justin who is a “good boy” who is interested in her. As she gets wrapped up with Cole she realizes there is dark underbelly of zombie fighting and not everyone is on the same side.

This book was super frustrating. If the book had a more appropriate title this book wouldn’t have been that bad. Literally the only things even remotely referencing Wonderland are the name Alice, Alice sees a rabbit in the clouds, her best friend is named Kat, and Cole occasionally wears a baseball hat. I had a very hard time getting over that this wasn’t what I wanted to read. The author has a new twist on the zombie genre where the zombies are spiritual beings, this is an intriguing concept and I wanted to read about it. However, there is too much high school drama for me. Who is dating who, who likes who, who started a rumor about someone, etc. The tie-in to Wonderland is really absurd and in my opinion an afterthought to help market a rather plain zombie book in a growing market. I will not read the pre-planned sequel with an equally awesome title.