V-Wars Volume 1: Crimson Queen

V-Wars Volume 1: Crimson Queen - Jonathan Maberry Fans of The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman will also enjoy this dystopian vampire graphic novel. Robert Kirkman and Jonathan Maberry are actually good friends in real life and their writing styles have some similarity. Yes, this is vampires not zombies, but it is gritty and smart in a market that has been flooded with vampires for many years.

Be prepared for lots of blood, but also a strong social commentary regarding politics and the media. We often believe exactly what the media tells us about something, but the people with the most influence tend to have control over the media and TELL US what to believe. What if the media told us all vampires are bad, but all vampires really weren’t bad? That is the basis of this story and one I found very compelling. Excellent artwork. Strongly recommended for adults and older teens looking for a new graphic novel series.