The Obsidian Blade

The Obsidian Blade - Pete Hautman I thought this might be interesting given the science fiction, time travel aspects, but it was just weird and unfulfilling. Tucker’s dad, a preacher, goes up on the roof and mysteriously disappears only to re-appear with a young girl named Lahlia and have lost his faith in God. The book starts off interesting as Tucker’s parents leave because his mom is ill and Tucker has to go live with his Uncle. Tucker discovers the Diskos (time travel portals not seen by everyone and in weird places). Once Tucker and Lahlia travel through the Diskos this story goes all wrong and wacky. The worlds, time periods, and different people pass as quickly as they are introduced. Time passes in bunches and the characters are aging, but you have no idea how they’ve aged.

This book leaves the reader with tons of questions and no answers as the story spins more and more out of control. I just didn’t care to keep track of what was happening. Once Tucker left our world, the world building was lacking and ultimately that was what left me uncaring. Then there is the whole underlining religious content that makes up a lot of the storyline. Some people might not like its treatment, but I have no idea where the storyline was going to know if I cared or not. I will not be continuing this series it was just not enjoyable for me. However, the audio version of this book was very well done and I really liked the book cover.