Orleans - Sherri L. Smith This book is amazingly written! Fen and Daniel are two very distinct personalities that the author alternates between. The language Sherri Smith used to differentiate the two characters helps create an understanding of the two distinct worlds within The Wall and outside The Wall without even taking place in the Outer States. Fen speaks with a more native tongue and Daniel has more educated language having grown up with all the perks of luxurious living that Fen hasn’t as part of her tribe. Fen is a fierce young girl on a mission and she understands her world and respects the law of the land. Daniel is clearly out of his element, scared, and realizes he has taken on a very large task. The world building is dark, yet beautifully rendered and completely believable. I thoroughly enjoyed that there is no romance between Fen and Daniel, the story revolved around an otherwise plot, which has its own twists and turns I couldn’t have imagined. This book was powerful in the same manner as the Printz Award Winner Ship Breaker, so if you liked that book, this is a must read. A highly recommended and unique new dystopian story.