Liberty - Annie Laurie Cechini I heard this book referred to as a space opera and I’ve never read one before, so I looked it up. It is like a soap opera, in that there is melodramatic adventure set in outer space. That sort of defines this story, but it really is much more than that because it fits nicely into the well-established young adult genre where there has to be just enough romance, action, and devastation. There is not a lot of space travel in the YA genre and this was a fun and refreshing read that held my interest.

I admit I didn’t get off to a good start with this book. The introduction of the entire crew in the first two chapters was a bit overwhelming. Also, I don’t like when author’s use made-up curse words, in this case flark and skud, it just gets on my nerves. However, when I continued reading I found a really compelling story that was a fast, action-packed read. Dix and Berrett’s time on Earth was well-developed and I enjoyed the world-building from both slums to modern paradise. The conveyances they used to fly in were all intriguing. Each member of the crew had their own distinct personality and I really grew quite the affection for Hobs, Dix’s scientist friend who is working on replicating the Eternigen. Dix bumbled a bit and I wished she didn’t, but alas a young captain might have those moments because none of us are perfect. A good YA, science fiction read.

Free copy received for an honest review.

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