InterWorld - Neil Gaiman, Michael Reaves This book was true young adult, science fiction. I admit that at times I got very confused and frustrated by the concept of multiple dimensions, with some being more progressive in the sciences than our world and others embracing magic more than our world. Because of the multiple dimensions, there are multiple versions of Joey. I liked the different personalities and how each was well-defined by the authors. J/O is part computer (science) and Jo has wings (magic). I loved Hue, the multi-dimensional life form; he was like a cute science fiction puppy. I found the villain, Lord Dogknife, a bit ridiculous, but Lady Indigo was a good nemesis. Even though I got frustrated at times following Joey through worlds I found myself smiling at the ending and realizing I had grown attached too many of the characters. This would be a good read for young adult, science fiction enthusiasts.

I won the sequel, The Silver Dream (An Interworld Novel), from a Goodreads Giveaway and plan on reading it soon.