Why We Broke Up

Why We Broke Up - Daniel Handler, Maira Kalman Reading this book is like watching a car accident. You see it coming, but you can’t prevent it. In retrospect we see all the reasons a relationship came to an end, but during the relationship we just assume things will get better. We push things to the back of our minds; ignore the obvious, but often all the little things become very important. I loved Min’s anger and she did have a right to be angry! I loved the realness of her story. I loved the supporting characters, her friends and his friends, and how they came from two different worlds. It was so obvious to everyone around them that their cliques were completely separate and yet we watched as everything unraveled.

I’ve read reviews that reading the extended letter can be a bit hard to read, but as I listened to the story I didn’t have any complaints about long paragraphs and tedious texts. As Min describes each object there is a beautifully rendered image in the book by the illustrator, Maira Kalman. The art give emphasis to the significance of each object in Min's life. If you listen to the audiobook like I did, you will hear each object being thrown into the box with real animosity, brilliant! A great realistic fiction, romance story that is very powerful.